You Could Drop a Dress Size in 10 Hours

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The Unique Callanetics Exercise Method

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Feel incredible within HOURS!

Small Classes

Individual attention guaranteed.

With Callanetics Exercise Classes you can drop at least one dress size in 10 hours

A unique mixture of Ballet and Yoga and is all about working the muscles in your body very deeply. By isolating the muscle, using your own body weight and adding a tiny pulse, it tightens, tones and lifts from the very first hour which you can FEEL the next day! You will SEE a difference in your body after the second hour! Within 10 hours you will lose inches and feel stronger, lighter and younger! Callanetics REALLY works! It is non impact, extremely safe for almost everyone regardless of age or shape, protects and even starts to heal.

Due to a loss of core muscle strength, the muscles in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back become dominant, are tense and sometimes painful. Callanetics relaxes these muscles and builds core, and pelvic floor strength extremely quickly!

Your legs will lengthen and become lean, your bottom will start to look like a peach instead of a pear, tummy's will begin to flatten!

Finally, an exercise class that works!

Alice Blyth, Whitstable, November 2015

Beginner's course '10 Years Younger in 10 Hours' or BODY BLITZ (2 classes per week)
Once you have attended a Free Taster class, or an initial one hour class at £10 to see if Callanetics Exercises are for you payment is required IN ADVANCE and on the day and time of signing up please by CASH OR CHEQUE