About your Certified Callanetics® Instructor

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I began Ballet classes at 3 years of age, and after leaving school went on to study a 3 year R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) diploma at the Academy of Ballet in Edinburgh. I was a professional dancer throughout my twenties, and also attended a YMCA Exercise to Music course and taught Aerobics. In my early 30's I retrained as a Montessori Nursery Teacher and worked in Early Years whilst bringing up my son.

Then three and a half years ago, I met up with an old Ballet School friend Karin Mackenzie, and after attending classes at her highly successful Edinburgh CALLANETICS Studio, I quickly became hooked on the amazing benefits of the CALLANETICS® Exercise Method. I lost 30" from my body within 15 HOURS and am so much stronger, more toned and more flexible than I have been in many years! I feel that my body has gone back in time!

Callanetics Instructor Jennifer

I am now a Certified Callanetics Instructor myself - after training through Callan Productions Corp in the US (Find me under classes at Callanetics.com) and at The Edinburgh Callanetics Studio. I love teaching a method that utilises my ballet and dance background, that really does work, gets FAST, REAL results and is actually enjoyable and relaxing too. I have lived in Whitstable for over 10 years, and I am thrilled to have brought CALLANETICS® to the Canterbury area, helping students achieve incredible results.

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