Men have pelvic floors too!

When you do Callanetics exercises you will automatically begin to use your pelvic floor much more – this is your support system and is your TRUE core strength as opposed to abdominal definition or a six-pack.

Losing inches!

Hello everyone, just to make it clear if it’s not already. Losing a dress size in 10 hours does NOT mean losing WEIGHT. The Callanetics exercises contract and shrink your muscles and have a tightening result (a little like pulling in a corset). The vast majority of my students have reduced at LEAST one dress …

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Christmas cards!

Hi ladies – sorry if I didn’t make it clear but if you received two Christmas cards – one was a gift to you, and the other to give as a gift to a friend or someone who might be interested in coming along to try the class. Your free class needs to be used …

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