Men have pelvic floors too!

When you do Callanetics exercises you will automatically begin to use your pelvic floor much more – this is your support system and is your TRUE core strength as opposed to abdominal definition or a six-pack.

Are Callanetics Classes Worth it?

To find out if Callanetics Classes are worth it, consider these questions…

Whatever your shape or size…

“Whatever your shape or size, Callanetics can enhance your appearance by tightening your muscles more than you ever… Posted by Callanetics Canterbury on Saturday, 17 February 2018

Losing inches!

Hello everyone, just to make it clear if it’s not already. Losing a dress size in 10 hours does NOT mean losing WEIGHT. The Callanetics exercises contract and shrink your muscles and have a tightening result (a little like pulling in a corset). The vast majority of my students have reduced at LEAST one dress …

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Exercise is best way to reduce internal fat around the organs

“How to lose weight” on channel 4 recently found that exercise is the best way to reduce internal fat around the organs. If you would like to drop inches, quickly and effectively, whilst strengthening your whole body, especially core and pelvic floor (support system) look no further than Callanetics.

Christmas cards!

Hi ladies – sorry if I didn’t make it clear but if you received two Christmas cards – one was a gift to you, and the other to give as a gift to a friend or someone who might be interested in coming along to try the class. Your free class needs to be used …

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Change to classes at The Horsebridge Centre 9/1/18

We will be in the Hub (through cafe area) at 11.30am – all one class. Sorry about this change but there has been a leak in Workshop 4 and not safe!

Happy New Rear! 🥂

If you’re new to Callanetics you can book your first trial class at half price for January / if you’re a current student you can book in and pay for your January Maintenance classes (before the New Year rush) or just go ahead and book a Body Blitz / 10 week course NOW. Please book …

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Ladies … all you need is CALLANETICS

Sky News have been talking about a device to improve pelvic floor … Ladies … all you need is CALLANETICS It makes a massive improvement to pelvic floor strength with only 1/2 classes per week, and at the same time will dramatically improve your overall strength, core, flexibility and posture! Book a trial class for …

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Squeeze in a BODY BLITZ before Christmas!

There’s still time to squeeze in a BODY BLITZ and lose inches before Christmas! Our last class on 21st December!