August Newsletter

Welcome to the Callanetics Canterbury Summer / Autumn Newsletter!

Once again we have had some amazing results over the last few months…

Lucy at The Horsebridge Centre took a leap of faith despite ‘not liking exercise’ and lost an incredible 14”, her figure looks fabulous!! Her younger friends who have never heard of Callanetics are now giving her compliments and will hopefully be convinced to give it a try!

Vicky in Ashford also lost over 12” and loves the method, she says “it’s challenging but you don’t end up in a hot, sweaty mess like some other classes” (there IS air conditioning in Ashford!) lol…. Perspiring / glowing is also good though ladies, releases all those toxins! 😉

A special shout out to a few new ladies…

Christine, again at The Horsebridge Centre, who had a mastectomy recently and has found Callanetics brilliant for toning and strengthening her upper body, which she thought she had lost for good. She works really hard in every class, has been very consistent and looks incredible! Also Lesley, who has had various health problems has worked extremely hard, and her posture has now improved dramatically making her look 10 years younger!

Aileen and Saskia in Faversham, who both found the exercises challenging at first, but have dug deep and kept at it, they have both seen tremendous results and now look like they belong in a DVD!

It really works ladies, as most of you know, and well done to YOU for keeping the faith, being consistent and working so hard. So many other great results on the website / Facebook and don’t forget to leave a review if you get a minute!


Starting Back Dates in September

  • Faversham, Alexander Centre
  • Whitstable Horsebridge
  • Ashford Dance Visions
  • Whitstable CCW Dance Studio



A little reminder of how payments work as I know it gets confusing!

Once you have attended a 10 week Beginner’s course / Body Blitz you will be able to attend monthly maintenance classes. If you are unable to attend ALL the classes in the month, you can pay for ‘drop in’ classes at the cost of £12 for the amount of classes you CAN do (ALL classes at the Edinburgh Callanetics Studio are £13 so this is still good value).

No shows, and last minute cancellations will be forfeited, but I am always happy for you to make your class up at another time if there is availability, although it may mean you travelling a little further. There are no extensions or cash refunds.

Maintenance payments are due for the following month’s block at least one week in advanceplease see T&Cs. Please remember that these are UNIQUE, small, privately run classes, and the venues require payment usually two weeks in advance. Your prompt payment therefore is very much appreciated to book and secure your place.

Please note that Maintenance Payments for September classes are due on:

  • Monday 4th September – payment required on Monday, 28th August
  • Tuesday 5th September – payment required on Tuesday, 29th August
  • Thursday 7th September – payment required on Thursday, 31st August

You can easily pay online preferably through BACS which avoids any fees, or Paypal (debit or credit card option). There is also the option of Stripe for credit cards, but please be aware that this can take up to a week to clear. Places cannot be saved until payment has cleared. Please go to


Was your class cancelled in August?

Sadly, I had to cancel a class in Faversham on Tuesday evening and Whitstable on Thursday evening. If you were affected by this, you can use the coupon code CANAUG while booking your September maintenance classes for a £10 discount.


Value For Money

Please remember that with as little as ONE HOUR PER WEEK, you can achieve, maintain and improve your strength, core and pelvic floor strength, posture, flexibility, toning and figure to an amazing level. There is no need to fork out for expensive gym memberships, attend 3/4 sessions per week or hire an expensive personal trainer. If you also need to lose a few pounds in weight, swimming or walking and healthy eating is your best bet! I also hear that Slimming World works really well alongside Callanetics if you prefer to go along to a group and need some motivation.

Callanetics really is a worthwhile investment in time and money, the knowledge you gain from the classes will last you a lifetime and looking 10 Years Younger. It also improves your confidence and emotional wellbeing. Your RESULTS really do speak for themselves!

I look forward to seeing you all back for a fresh start in September, and thank you so much for your loyalty to The Callanetics Exercise Method. I LOVE teaching the classes, catching up with you all each week, and seeing the transformations in so many of you 🙂


“CALLANETICS IS FUN!” Maria Roy, CCW Thursday evening class


Let’s keep PULSING !!

Best wishes,