Losing inches!

Hello everyone, just to make it clear if it’s not already. Losing a dress size in 10 hours does NOT mean losing WEIGHT. The Callanetics exercises contract and shrink your muscles and have a tightening result (a little like pulling in a corset). The vast majority of my students have reduced at LEAST one dress SIZE from their WHOLE body by attending the 10-week course.

It is stated in the T&Cs that this is not guaranteed in EVERY case or after 10 hours. These need to be read and agreed to before payment. I also am totally transparent and honest about the results you are likely to get from the course. Apart from losing inches (which is a lovely added benefit) you will gain a lot of strength including pelvic floor strength, improve your posture and increase flexibility, which are the most important things!

I have many, many happy students who have experienced these results and the reviews are on the website for all to see, in most cases with names and dates. Let’s keep PULSING … it really works! ๐Ÿ™‚