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I have been attending Jennifer’s online classes since lockdown began and I’ve really enjoyed every minute of every one, even when the exercises are tough! She is such a good teacher, very patient and great at correcting you if you’re not in the right position. I’ve seen a marked improvement in my posture, my waistline and even my baggy thigh and arm skin!! Definitely recommend these classes.

June 2020

Just completed my 10 week course with Jennifer and have lost in total 9 inches - this toning and strengthening exercise programme really works.

Sarah Chandler
February 2020

Jennifer's classes have had a terrific effect on my back, posture and core strength. I have been dancing classical ballet for years but thanks to Callenetics I am now understanding for the first time how muscles work!

Jennifer is a world-class coach/instructor. She can adjust exercises to the individual needs of her clients even in group sessions and she is extremely active when it comes to providing feedback and corrections; which is rare in groups classes.

I cannot recommend her more!

Silvia, Faversham
January 2020

Following a sudden year-long period of ill health and severe lack of mobility (and 2 stone weight gain), I didn't know what to try to regain some level of fitness and movement without heavy impact. A friend recommended trying Callanetics (and Jennifer's classes specifically) and I am so glad I did.

Over the last 6 weeks, I have felt so much better (and tighter!) in every way. My mobility and joint issues have eased, I have already dropped a dress size and can see so much more definition, and I am starting to feel good about myself again!

The classes are relaxing and fun, and an amazing workout, the results are very obvious, and with commitment - quick too. I can highly recommend Callanetics, thank you, Jennifer!

Lauren Wheeler

The photos below are real-life examples of Callanetics results but are not necessarily of the people quoted in the left-hand column!


Jennifer is such a good instructor she continually watches and corrects your position. Callanetics certainly delivers results but I did find it hard. However, the classes were fun!

Gerry White

I first tried Callanetics over 25 years ago so was thrilled to find a local class in Faversham.

I was even more thrilled when I lost 11 inches in 10 hours so signed up for another 10. Can be hard work but hey... and it’s fun!!

Jennifer is a great teacher too.

Sally King, Faversham & Whitstable classes

I did Callanetics many years ago and loved it, so I was really pleased to find a class in Canterbury.

After hitting my forties I have struggled to find something that works. I joined Jennifer’s class at Thanington resource centre and after completing my ten-week course I am delighted with the results. I have lost over 13 inches, feel fitter and stronger and am starting to regain some shape in my legs.

The classes are fun and Jennifer really motivates and helps you get the best results. The hour flies by. No other exercise has worked for me like Callanetics has.

I love it.

Gayle Skinner, Canterbury class

Callanetics is great! I did it years ago then it seemed to disappear off the scene and I always wanted another class to reappear...and finally it did with Jennifer’s classes. I was delighted and joined the 10 week course. Fantastic!

I love Callanetics and find it very satisfying. It really works...somehow those little pulses work deeply and effectively. I lost nearly a whole dress size in 10 weeks, without doing any other exercise or diet alongside my weekly class.

Jennifer is a lovely friendly and knowledgeable instructor and the classes are very friendly and enjoyable. Needless to say, having completed the 10 week course, I am now continuing with weekly classes. Thank you.

Rachel Hutchings, Faversham & Whitstable classes

Having done yoga for many years I needed something that would tone. I tried running - bad knee problems, Pilates - uhmmm not my cup of tea, Swimming - chlorine stink combined with erratic & irritating pacing, can't stand the gym so eventually I found Callanetics, visions of big hair, neon leotards and leg warmers were replaced with a taster class of a fun, intense & deep muscle workouts that made time fly by.

Many weeks later I am still there and time still flies by and the inches fly off. Not measured but everything is fitting properly again and the compliments I have had obviously prove it works!! Thank you Jennifer!!

Adrienne Shaw, Whitstable

In September I will have been doing Callanetics for 2 years! It has helped me with my weight loss journey and really toned my legs and bottom.

My flexibility has improved, I really notice when I miss a week. I see a chiropractor every few months and the exercises I have been given are part of the Callanetics stretches.

The dance studio at CCW is a great location. I'll definitely be carrying on with it.

Thanks Jennifer! x

Helen Gwyer, Whitstable

Amazing this is for all with a bad back young old. Works wonders for tension in you body. As well as dropping dress sizes and toning your body I love it.

Lucy Jeal, Whitstable

I look forward each week to go to the friendly Faversham morning class. Dropped a dress size and feeling much fitter.

Suzy Hutchinson

A well-run class tailored to make sure everyone works at their personal best - Jennifer is patient and takes the time to ensure that you are properly positioned to get maximum effect.

Over my course I toned up and considerably improved my core strength - good value, definitely recommend!

Claire Sweet, Whitstable

Fantastic for overall toning and inch loss. Lovely friendly class in Faversham. Jennifer is a great teacher who encourages everyone to work at their best level.

Ros Eastwood

Jennifer is really encouraging and explains how to get into the best position to really work the muscles. I lost 10 inches from all over my body and noticed a big difference in my strength as well!

Lauren Davies, Whitstable

I am really thrilled with the results from Callanetics . Legs and arms are toned, my stomach is flatter and I feel stronger overall. Thanks Jennifer xxx

Emma De Haas, Whitstable

"I have really enjoyed taking part in this class; I'd never heard of Callanetics before and so didn't know what to expect but Jennifer is a fantastic instructor and explains every move clearly and simply to make the class fun and enjoyable.

I was so surprised by my results after my 10 week block- (a total of a 12" loss) as although the class is challenging it doesn't leave you out of breath or hot and sweaty like some other classes and so I was amazed at just how effective the class is!

I can't wait to start up the maintenance classes- thank you so much Jennifer!! X"

Vicky Fairbrother, Ashford Class, July 2017

"The best exertion free exercise.

Since attending callanetic classes I feel fitter, toned, more flexible and have regained strength in my lower back which was very weak and causing me health problems, in addition I have lost just over 11".

Jennifer is a wonderful teacher and gives clear and easy to follow directions, you are not judged and everyone is friendly. I have at last found an exercise that is fun and works."

Sandra Bridges, Whitstable Class, June 2017

Maria, in the Thursday evening class in Whitstable was measured this evening after her 10 week course, and has lost over 16 inches from her body, especially back, midriff, waist, tummy and hips!

It really works 🙂  Well done Maria x

Sally Turner, in the Thursday evening class at CCW Whitstable, lost an amazing 17" from her body after her 10 hour beginner's course! Fantastic result and she looks fabulous! Well done Sally! 🙂

"Some years ago I had breast cancer, a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, which resulted in a major loss of my upper body strength. Since starting Callanetics last year I have regained much of my strength, and I am able to do more activities. I am also much fitter in general. The classes are very enjoyable."

Christine, Whitstable Class, April 2017

Aimee and her Mum Clare began a Body Blitz 5 weeks ago (2 classes p/wk) and Aimee has lost an incredible 14.5 inches from her body and Clare has lost 8 inches - fantastic results and achievement - well done ladies !

Aimee is pleasantly surprised as her Mum did Callanetics 25 years ago and she had no idea what it was, but now loves it and wants to continue... great news! Callanetics is for everyone

Lovely Amy started a Body Blitz 4 weeks ago, she has been totally consistent and worked incredibly hard, she has lost 11.5" from her body in just 8 HOURS and feels amazing. She has also found her confidence returning!

She says, "Thank you so much for all your attention and guidance throughout Callanetics. I am amazed at the results, physically and emotionally. I cannot wait to return for the next round!"

It's more than a pleasure Amy, well done!

Amy Lyall, July 2016

Sue in the Thursday evening class in Whitstable has lost 9" in just 9 sessions mostly from her thighs!! Her legs look AMAZING ! That's one inch per session at only one hour per week! Worth it? I think so!

Ros in the Monday morning Faversham class has lost over 14" in only 10 weeks ! Well done Ros.

Ros says "Fantastic class, my posture and body strength have really improved, and I've really toned up"

Fiona Davies-Steen, in the Tuesday morning Whitstable class, didn't want to be measured but says, "I feel stronger, my clothes are looser, my balance has improved and I really enjoy the classes." Well done Fiona

Amy M. in the Monday morning Faversham class says this about the classes: "not too easy or too hard but really works, fun, friendly and social, relaxing, welcoming, well organised with clear direction, great location and time, and easy payment!"

WOW, thanks Amy!

"I am so pleased I have done this! I could tell a difference very quickly and feel much stronger. Enjoyed enough to do a 2nd course. Thank you x"

Emma Dehaas, Whitstable, March 2016

INSANE result tonight in Faversham from Julie who has lost an absolutely incredible 35" from her whole body in just 10 classes - one class per week !!

Julie has lost 3" from her upper back, 4" from her midriff, 3" from her waist, over 3" from her tummy, over 3" from her hips and lots more from upper and lower thighs and even knees ! She's been to every class and worked very hard and deserves this amazing result !! Well done Julie!

She says, "Fantastic class! Finally found a class that suits me and I can see results from. I will definitely be signing up for another 10 week course"

J. Lenthall, March 2016

Latest incredible inch loss from the Saturday morning class in Whitstable - Jessica has lost a whopping 21" from her whole body after only 6 hours of Callanetics and healthy eating (no diet)! 3" from hips, 2" from waist and 4" from thighs!

She says she joined the class after having a baby to gain strength in her legs and pelvic floor. Jessica feels she now has noticeably more upper and lower body strength and can stand up without feeling like an 'old woman' !

Amazing result, well done Jessica!

Jessica Wyatt Muscat, Whitstable March 2016

Sharon in the Thursday evening Canterbury class has lost over 16 inches in less than 10 hours, with 4" from her waist alone, and even allowing for the Christmas break ! Sharon says "I recommend it because I know it works!"

Well done Sharon!! The Callanetics Exercise Method WORKS, and works FAST. Keep Pulsing everyone!

Sharon Brazier, Canterbury, December 2015

Rachel in Whitstable says "Brilliant classes and they really do work and in a short time. I will be going back for more in the new year! thank you Jen!"

Rachel has lost 15" over 20 classes.

Rachel Shales, Whitstable, December 2015

Hayley in Faversham lost 6" from her tummy in 6 hours and says "The class is excellent - really good workout each time and you feel strong from the inside out. Would recommend the class to anyone!"

Hayley Kennett, Faversham, December 2015

Tracy in Faversham says, "I was absolutely amazed at my measurement tonight! 12 inches off!!! Jennifer told me I would if I kept to it. True to her word 3 inches each off tummy, waist and midriff. That Christmas dress will fit now! I feel more toned and stronger. When I walk now I feel more straight, posture good. Enjoyed the class and Jennifer is so lovely making everyone relax and have fun"

Tracy May, Faversham, December 2015

Nicola in Whitstable lost 23" in 11 sessions and writes:

"Fantastic class, really feel it working. Also relaxes after a stressful day. Great inch loss after 10 weeks. Going to keep it up. Thank you Jennifer"

Nicola Crocombe, Whitstable, November 2015

Helen Gwyer in Whitstable says:

"This is the first exercise class I have done and enjoyed every one! The hour flies by, to drop a dress size in 3 weeks is amazing. In fact in 11 weeks I've lost 14.5 inches! How can I ever give up Callanetics!? xx"

Helen Gwyer, Whitstable, November 2015

Lovely Alice has lost 8" in 10 weeks!! she says:

"Callanetics classes provide intense yet gentle and supported muscular work, which yield truly amazing results: both in terms of my figure but also my posture. Classes are well taught and friendly and I really look forward to them.

Finally, an exercise class which works!"

Alice Blyth, Whitstable, November 2105

Mrs V K has lost a total of 11.5" from her body in 10 classes and says:

"I have really benefited from these sessions, especially with regard to my posture and being aware of my pelvic floor and keeping shoulders down. I am also feeling a lot stronger and more energetic. It has done me a world of good and I've found Jennifer's encouragement and teaching inspiring."

Valerie Knowles, Whitstable, November 2105

"Having tried and failed to find an exercise class I enjoyed, Callanetics has been a revelation! I love the class, feel fantastic afterwards and have been genuinely amazed by the results. After my first 10 week course I lost 18 inches across my body. I feel stronger, healthier and look markedly better. I cannot recommend doing this class strongly enough. And Jennifer is brilliant!"

Amy Bailey, Whitstable / Faversham, October 2015

"These classes have transformed my posture and really developed flexibility and strength. Jennifer is a fantastic teacher, we work at our own pace but everyone sees great benefits"

Kay Asquith, Whitstable, October 2015

I had my taster class last night and I really enjoyed it. I also surprised myself as was able to do most of the exercises, not having been able to exercise at all for the last year due to a problem with my neck and back. But really if I am honest is more than a year, and I tried classes and never really enjoyed them. What I liked also is that I could feel it working, but at the same time I wasn't in pain,or gasping for air. This morning I feel ...recharged, no aches, not even on my neck and shoulders just the feeling that I have done a workout. The hot bath helped! And Jennifer you are brilliant, thank you.

Sandra Munday, Canterbury, September 2015

"This is fantastic for really helping to improve posture, core strength and to keep supple. I cannot recommend it enough"

Julie Schoon, Whitstable, September 2015

I have so enjoyed coming to classes and have been truly impressed, not only by the results I have obtained, but by others in the class. When talking fitness and strength to friends I always tell them that Callanetics is the best!!

Ros, Whitstable, August 2015

"When I joined the course I had my doubts about all the potential benefits; but just after a few short weeks feel more flexible, toned and fitter. Definitely a worthwhile investment in time and money. Plus the classes are fun!"

Claire Newman, Whitstable, September 2015

AMAZING, FABULOUS, "SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF-TOPS" INCH LOSS TODAY from lovely Tuesday morning student Ms B who has lost...

drum roll...

18" in 11 sessions !!!

The hard work really does pay off, and FAST with The Callanetics Exercise Method

July 2015

More amazing, FANTASTIC inch loss today !!

Wait for it...

Mrs A has lost 20 - yes 20 INCHES in just 10 hours / sessions


Mrs B has lost 17" in 8 hours!

Ms M has lost 7" in 10 hours

Incredible results.... July 2015

7" lost in just 10 sessions! Feeling toned mentally & physically. Thank you Jennifer! Looking forward to the next 10!!

Margo Marchant , Whitstable, July 2015

I have been going to Callanetics for about 4 months now so have done about 15 classes. The results have been excellent in that I am much stronger, my core is much stronger, back is much stronger and I am much more flexible. The teacher is very good and it is very individual so you are always shown correct posture and position. It is hard when you first start as you are using muscles not used before, but once you get used to using those muscles you will get so much stronger and I have no intention of my body being old before its time. I will stick with this for as long as I can.

Jane Algar (Tuesday morning class) May 2015

Currently attending Saturday morning classes at Horsebridge, Whitstable. Half way through the course and feel so much stronger and more flexible. Callanetics is so different from going to the gym (personally I find it much more enjoyable) and would highly recommend Jennifer's classes. So looking forward to the next five sessions (and possibly more after) and seeing (and feeling) the benefits.

Rosalyn Bower-Smith - Saturday morning class - February 2015

Mrs S. was measured after class yesterday at the Horsebridge Centre and has lost a FANTASTIC 8" in 10 hours!!! Fabulous result! She says:

"A total focus on the bits that matter"

Mrs M. felt 'amazing' after her second class at Hasland Dance Studios this Tuesday and Mrs A. is swapping her gym membership for The CALLANETICS® Exercise Method after feeling and seeing the difference in just 4 classes!! Long lean muscles - no bulk, and she can really feel the difference in her pelvic floor strength already!

FANTASTIC inch loss today from our Saturday morning class at the Horsebridge Centre...

Mrs Ware has lost 10.5" and Mrs Smedley. 6.5"... all within 7 classes (hours) !!!

Mrs S. is thrilled to have found The CALLANETICS® Exercise Method which doesn't impact her bad knees and Mrs W. says, "A most enjoyable class too!"

So pleased these classes have started in Whitstable and Herne Bay with such a fabulous, enthusiastic teacher. It doesn't take long to feel and see the difference Callanetics Exercises make. Go on, give it a try 🙂

Eileen Toby, Whitstable

Hi thanks so much for an amazing class and cannot believe the difference in my shape over 6 sessions!

I feel so much better and found the speed with such noticeable difference unbelievable!

Angela Baskerville, Whistable

Thanks so much for helping me find CALLANETICS® Exercises . I find it's the only thing that makes me relax at the end of the day and for me it takes yoga to another level. I can see differences in body shape and with a knee problem I have found the pain reduce by following the program and my knee much stronger.

Emma Larkins, London

Jennifer, I have known you for over 30 years now, we trained together in classical ballet and we received a really excellent training. With the ballet training and your further callanetics training I have no doubt you will make an excellent teacher. You are a very warm bubbly person and I wish you all the very best in your new venture. If I lived closer I would love to come to your classes and would love to lose the inches you have through it.

Angela Watson School of Dance, Edinburgh

Amazing classes and teacher is so enthusiastic it's a must for all

Lisa Nicolson, Herne Bay